Early Arrival


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Our camp won't be building prior to the gate opening time for this burn.

We will gather on Sunday Evening at Bankok Cuisine in Reno for our kickoff build team dinner on Sunday, August 20th. As we did last year, we'll head to Pyramid Lake and camp out (email Darrell if you remember the name of the campsite we had last year, we'll try to go there again!). On Monday morning, the 21st, we'll head into the Desert and start building. Others will join us on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We would love to have you help us build, and the earlier you can arrive, the better your chances that we can find an Early Arrival pass for you to get in and help us build. Please indicate on your registration whether you have an Early Arrival pass from another source or need an Early Arrival pass, and your planned arrival date. You can't get into Burning Man before Sunday, August 27th at midnight (Saturday Night) unless you have a pass.