Pods are "sub-camps" of a main camp, typically based around a practice or area of interest or geographical area. If you would like to create a new pod for this event, please contact the camp organizer, listed on the staff page.    
Pod Description Pod Group Leader Picture Facebook Facebook Event Facebook Group Website
Cold Yogis Dedicated to work related to Wim Hof's experiments. Rafael

Rafael Dunajski
Rafael (Rafael Dunajski)'s picture
Orca Pod A group of friends from Vancouver and Victoria in BC, Canada. Jmath

Jenn Mathis
Jmath (Jenn Mathis)'s picture
Zepto Space This is the pod for Zepto Space! Brent

Brent Wilson
Brent (Brent Wilson)'s picture
Facebook Page for this Pod
AcrOasis Acro every damn day? You got it! A group of acroyoga/partner acrobatics teachers and enthusiasts. Playtoy

Jeff Paley
Playtoy (Jeff Paley)'s picture
Wiggly Tigers

Jane Baldwin
(Jane Baldwin)'s picture
General Camp Contact This is the pod to join if you don't recognize any of the other pods! Spacious

Darrell Duane
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