Camp Staff

Picture Staff Staff Vision/Requests Notes
Jmath (Jenn Mathis)'s picture
Events Coordinator: Jmath

Responsible for collecting event descriptions, scheduling events and ensuring that event leaders have what they need to lead the events, workshops. Further, this role coordinates other aspects of the program offering, such as entering data into the burn's What Where When guide.
Chief (Michaela Holsinger)'s picture
Workshift Coordinator: Chief

Spark (Sara Ness)'s picture
Authentic Relating Events Coordinator: Spark

Coordinates Authentic Relating Games, Circling and other related event offerings
RAZOR (formerly known as Storm Bird) (Ronja Ver)'s picture
Contact Improv Class Coordinator: RAZOR (formerly known as Storm Bird)

Coordinates Contact Improvisation Dance Classes
Spacious (Darrell Duane)'s picture
Instigator: Spacious

Responsible for overall coordination of the camp.
Meg (Megan Finlay)'s picture
Build Team Chef: Meg

Chef for the team who is building camp prior to the event.
Shams (Marcus Rowsell)'s picture
Electricity Coordinator: Shams

The Electricity coordinator ensures that the electrical systems for the camp are working well. This role coordinates with the infrastructure team, plumbing coordinator, and lighting coordinator to bring the camp alive.
Avatar (Tim Ferguson)'s picture
Infrastructure Lead: Avatar

Responsible for ensuring that the camp gets built and taken down.
gibnut love (Halie Love)'s picture
Chef & Food Manager: gibnut love

responsible for ensuring that the chefs have what they need and ensure that all meals have chefs lined up to lead the preparation of the meals.
Consent Team Leader: Boss

Ensures that a clear vision for campers and friends to respect and understand consent is in place and that leaders are in place to support any cases that emerge where consent has been violated.
Mellow (Sean Polzer)'s picture
Logistics Manager: Mellow

Coordinates Delivery of Water, Greywater, and other resources for the Camp and for the Village.
Billy (Bill Varettoni)'s picture
Water Infrastructure Lead: Billy

Coordinates all things involving water - fresh water, gray-water, plumbing, pumping. Works with the infrastructure team to bring the camp alive, including the steambath, showers, kitchen, and coolers.
John Michael (John Michael Wasmer)'s picture
Camp Ambiance Creator: John Michael

Creates a space that feels comfortable, invigorating, and inspirational through decorations, lighting, and clearings.
Savvy (Savannah Russell)'s picture
Camp Ambiance Creator: Savvy

Creates a space that feels comfortable, invigorating, and inspirational through decorations, lighting, and clearings.
Jer Bear (Jeremy Glen)'s picture
Jester/Town Crier/Announcements Coordinator: Jer Bear

This person entertains our community, collects all the announcements that need to be made each night before dinner and makes the announcements at dinner. They often will have others stand in for them and coordinate others to make the announcements, you can find others in camp to fill in for you any night you want a break.

AKA: Soap Box

Playtoy (Jeff Paley)'s picture
Acro Yoga Coordinator: Playtoy

Coordinates Acro Yoga