Camp Teams

These are the camp teams that everyone who camps with us is asked to join at least one of. The focus of each team has been set up so that, in general, each team has aspects of it that is related to cleaning and other aspects that are more pleasant. Camp teams are responsible for ensuring that specific spaces or parts of the camp are kept clean and in good shape, although its everyone's responsibility to "Leave no trace" and "Never let it hit the ground".
Title Team Name Description Team Lead Membership Group Email Members
Atmosphere & Ambiance Atmosphere and Ambiance

Responsible for organizing & maintaining the camp common space in the parachutes.  It is in this space that we have our dining room, and common chill space and tenting area.   Also responsible for keeping the camping area in the auxiliary shade space organized. Keeps the Chill Spaces and the common areas looking great, as well as the rest of camp with decorations, art and ambiance.
Responsible for:

  • Keeping common area clean & organized
  • Watching for Safety hazards and resolving them
  • Organizing loungeable pillows, chairs, etc
  • Having a message board for camp members
  • Basic Hospitality
  • Lighting
  • Camp Lost & Found
  • Bodywork area
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Steambath Team Steambath Join Team 1
Utilities (Electricity & Water: potable, shower and greywater) Utilities

Responsible for managing all aspects of camp water, including clean water, shower area, and grey water disposal.

  • Grey Water
    • As a part of being with Nectar Village, we have a holding tank to dispose of our Grey Water.
    • We need to ensure that the tank doesn't get full, and that it gets emptied out as needed by the contractor that will empty it.  
    • This year we'll be putting up signs at all of the Greywater sites to inform the contractors about the other locations of the tanks within the village so that they know to go to drain the other tanks within our village and on what schedule.
    • Coordinate with Bumblepuss (lead organizers of Nectar Village)  and other Nectar Village Water reps
    • Coordinate with Kitchen Infrastructure team to ensure that greywater from dishwashing station is getting to the right place
  • Shower
    • Ensure that the greywater is getting from the shower to the greywater holding tank
  • Camp Water Supply:
    • Enusre that it stays clean and uncontaminated. 
    • Also responsible for monitoring its use and enusring that it lasts throughout the week.
    • The camp has three 45 gallon containers that we fill up with water from the people we rent the storage unit from.  
    • We also have a siphon pump to get water out with but it can run all the water out if its not used properly.   It would be good if the team could look into other options for a pump for this year.
  • Electricity/Power/Lighting
    • Responsible for coordinating with Solar SnoKoan and distributing electricity and lighting throughout the camp.
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Events, Event Space and Publicity Events, Event Spaces & Publicity

This team is responsible for our public offerings and camp events:

  • Ensuring that Center Camp gets swept and cleaned each morning
  • Setting up the interior aspects of the Teaching spaces (Dance Tent & Dome)
  • Ensuring that the Dance Tent and the Dome are kept clean throughout the week
  • Reaching out to burners who are new to the form (particularly at center camp) and letting them know about our camp & events & classes
  • Coordinating special events for the camp -- For instance, Midnight Jams at the Rhythmwave Space,
  • Ensuring that classes are taught
  • Contact us at if you'd like to schedule an event!
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Meals: Chefs Lead Chefs & Kitchen Mavens

Food is provided by Camp Contact for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (and Snacks) and is Vegetarian, typically with vegan options.  Meg will be our meal coordinator in 2012, and Brooking will be our Kitchen infrastructure coordinator.  If you'd like to bring additional food options or meat based products you are welcome to, we'll have a separate cooking area for meat preparation, the main kitchen will be Vegetarian only.
Each chef will organize one meal during the week and will also work to keep the food organized.  Meals prepared will go from Monday night through Sunday night.  If we have more chefs interested, we'll likely work on having prepared breakfasts some of the mornings.
We plan to have another Invite a Guest dinner on Thursday night where we prepare twice as much food than we usually would as a night when campers are specifically encouraged to invite friends over for dinner. The way this works is that every camper is welcome to invite one guest.  If a camp member would like to invite more than one guest, they should ask around for other camp mates who either know they won't be inviting a guest or know they won't be attending.
Dinner Meal Preparation will be assisted by 4-6 kitchen helpers.  Also there will be people assigned to clean the kitchen before and after each meal time.
Other responsibilities:

  • Review list of diet restrictions for camp mates and accomodate as best as possible
  • Keep food meant for a specific meal labeled as such and saved
  • Update Dry Erase Board in Kitchen with details about food that should be eaten soon because it will go bad
  • Label items appropriately
  • Coordinate with Kitchen Infrastructure Team to get utensils, cookware, etc as needed

The list of meals and lead chefs will be kept on the internal camp calendar and can be updated by any of the chefs as their menus come together.
For breakfast, lunch, and snacks, the camp will also be providing: bread, bagels, chips crackers, sesami sticks, dried fruit (mangos, raisins, strawberry strips, bananas), fresh fruit (while it lasts), nuts (walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, sunflower seeds), peanut butter, jam, hummus, cereal, granola, oatmeal, raisins, limited rice milk, powdered soy and cow milk, limited juice, chai, green, chamomile, and peppermint teas, coffee, oils and vinegars and condiments, fig bars, chocolate and carob chips (while they last), date-coconut rolls (while they last), ricecakes, cheese, tofu and tempeh.
While we would like most people to arrive to the camp by Monday, Aug 29th, we are looking for a few late arrivers who could bring fresh greens in with them, and be reimbursed. Email Kristi if this is something you can help us with.
Also, check out this video about kitchens at Burning Man and the Burning Man Guide.  Here's a fun video with an important message about cleaning.

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Leave No Trace Leave No Trace
  • Responsible for recycling, collecting burnables, and collecting trash. 
  • Keep Trash area organized throughout the week.
  • Find people to take trash & recycling out of the event with them at the end of the week
  • Find people to take burnables to a burn barrel in the village and burn them.
  • Compost

Camp Contact has some trash cans and we bring plenty of trash bags, but it requires a concerted effort to coordinate this vital part of our camp experience.
Camp CONTACT Leave No Trace plan:

  • Practice the 5 R's: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore and Respect.
  • Reduce trash when packing.
  • Keep smelling garbage away from recyclables in BRC.
  • Clean As We Go and Keep It From Hitting the Ground.
  • Adopt the seven principles and practices of Leave No Trace at Burning Man.
  • Educate all camp members about minimizing our impact on the playa, so that my LNT crew can relax during the event knowing that all of our camp members are doing their part.
  • Conserve energy, use renewable energy sources and minimize waste.
  • Collect, reduce and properly dispose of grey water.
  • Use or creatively use discarded materials for all the components of our camp structure and decorations, so that our camp is sustainable year after year.
  • Bring tools to rake, magnetic rake, sweep and pick up every last nail and wood shard that dropped on the playa surface so that I leave my space and my surrounding spaces better than I found them
  • Follow the rule of thumb for line sweeps – performing required multiple sweeps of our camp before leaving BRC. (One sweep is not enough. Do as many passes as necessary: the strength of the line sweep is in the number of people and passes.)
  • Organize neighborhood MOOP sweeps. (Joining with neighboring camps and sweeping an entire block together is the best insurance against MOOP hot spots, bringing your own MOOP scores down.)
  • Secure all vehicles' loads to prevent windblown trash on the highway and in neighboring communities.


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Camp Build Build

Responsible for retrieving camp infrastructure from storage unit and setting up Camp pre-event

Will help place people as they arrive.

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