Burning Man has already started! If you're thinking of coming and joining us, please note we are full and can't promise that there is room.

Entrance to Anahasana Village

We have been placed! 7:00 & Elektro.
in Black Rock Desert, NV at Black Rock Desert. Gates open: Sunday the 26th at 12:15 am Weather
Early Arrival/Camp Build dates: Sunday the 19th at 2:00 pm to Saturday the 25th at 2:00 pm
Notice: Tickets sell out as soon as they go on sale for this burn. Be ready a few minutes before the sale times to get your tickets here. Please buy extra tickets for our fellow campmates who can't get them. You can also try to get your tickets here. You may also be able to get tickets in this facebook group.

Event Details

Camp Contact at Burning Man is the camp's largest and longest and most intense undertaking each year.  140+ souls come together for two and a half weeks to bring camp together, run camp, and take it all down and pack it away in the Black Rock Desert. We offer 100+ workshops/classes events, plus a number of camp internal events, along with prepared meals throughout the week.  We bring 4250 square feet of shaded dance/workshop area in five distinct spaces, along with a steam bath to offer to the citizens of Black Rock City.  Internally, we take care of ourselves with a shower, a chill dome, a healing space and many other amenities on a shoe string budget.  Check out the links above to learn more!

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Pods Within Our Camp

Pods are "sub-camps" of a main camp, typically based around a practice or area of interest or geographical area. If you would like to create a new pod for this event, please contact the camp organizer, listed on the staff page.     Show list of pods only
Pod Description Pod Group Leader Picture Facebook Facebook Event Facebook Group Website
AcrOasis at Camp Contact at Burning Man 2018 Acro every damn day? You got it! A group of acroyoga/partner acrobatics teachers and enthusiasts. Playtoy
Preferred Pronouns: 'he, him, his'

Jeff Paley
Playtoy (Jeff Paley)'s picture
Authentic Relating at Camp Contact at Burning Man 2018 This is a group for people who are into Authentic Relating Practices such as circling and authentic relating games. Spark
Preferred Pronouns not specified

Sara Ness
Spark (Sara Ness)'s picture
Cold Yogis at Camp Contact at Burning Man 2018 Dedicated to work related to Wim Hof's experiments. Rafael
Preferred Pronouns not specified

Rafael Dunajski
Rafael (Rafael Dunajski)'s picture
Contact Improvisation Collective at Camp Contact at Burning Man 2018 We are the Contact Improvisation Collective (CIC) at Burning Man and we are a major part of Camp Contact & Anahasana Village. The Contact Improvisation Collective is a group of dancers committed to evolving Contact Improvisation at Burning Man through: teaching classes, hosting jams, and maintaining the CI presence at center camp every day.</p> RAZOR (formerly known as Storm Bird)
Preferred Pronouns: 'they/them'

Ronja Ver
RAZOR (formerly known as Storm Bird) (Ronja Ver)'s picture
Facebook Page for this Pod
Ecstatic Dance at Camp Contact at Burning Man 2018 Goddess
Preferred Pronouns not specified

Olivia Drouhaut
Goddess (Olivia Drouhaut)'s picture
General Camp Contact at Camp Contact at Burning Man 2018 This is the pod to join if you don't recognize any of the other pods! Spacious
Preferred Pronouns: 'He/Him/His'

Darrell Duane
Spacious (Darrell Duane)'s picture
Sacred Song Teahouse at Camp Contact at Burning Man 2018
Preferred Pronouns not specified

Nathan Wakeford
(Nathan Wakeford)'s picture
Soul Surfers at Camp Contact at Burning Man 2018 Carmen Sam Diego
Preferred Pronouns not specified

Samantha Levin
Carmen Sam Diego (Samantha Levin)'s picture
Sparkle Squish at Camp Contact at Burning Man 2018 Savvy
Preferred Pronouns not specified

Savannah Russell
Savvy (Savannah Russell)'s picture
Vancouver at Camp Contact at Burning Man 2018 A group of friends from Vancouver and Victoria in BC, Canada. Jmath
Preferred Pronouns not specified

Jenn Mathis
Jmath (Jenn Mathis)'s picture
Wiggly Tigers at Camp Contact at Burning Man 2018
Preferred Pronouns: 'she, her, hers'

Jane Baldwin
Zepto Space at Camp Contact at Burning Man 2018 This is the pod for Zepto Space! Brent
Preferred Pronouns not specified

Brent Wilson
Brent (Brent Wilson)'s picture
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